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Unisys lands deals for Windows servers

Unisys, a company selling high-end Intel servers that run Microsoft Windows and compete with Unix systems from Sun Microsystems and others, has found two new customers for its 32-processor ES7000 server. Fortis Health bought three for its core insurance business, one with an eight-processor partition using Intel's new Itanium processors for analyzing numbers, Unisys said Tuesday. Itanium systems with Windows are putting new pressure on Unix servers, the mainstay of high-end business servers.

In addition, Unisys will collaborate with the Cornell Theory Center (CTC) on putting ES7000 servers to work in supercomputing applications. Two systems will be used, one with Itanium processors and one with Intel Xeon processors. The Cornell Theory Center also has a deal with Dell Computer to assemble lots of lower-end servers into a cluster that acts as a single supercomputer.