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Unify updates Java tool

Software company releases an update to its Java development tool, NXJ.

Software company Unify on Monday released an update to its Java development tool, a product targeted at midsize companies looking to rapidly build Java applications.

Unify's NXJ includes a set of tools for constructing and running applications based on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition standard. The server-based software, which works in conjunction with other Java application servers, performs tasks such as generating reports, accessing data stored in packaged applications, and automating business process work flow. Release 10.5 adds basic portal software, simpler Web services development and more prewritten connections to packaged applications. Unify started selling NXJ two years ago, a product meant to generate revenue outside its older development tools products and make the company profitable. The company charges $3,000 for the development kit and $18,000 per server processor.