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Ungreen iPhone paper bills

At 89 pages, AT&T's iPhone paper invoice is, well, pretty dang huge.

In July, I got an invoice from AT&T that I thought was an aberration--it was slightly longer than my previous bills with my Razr, but my last invoice spanned the period where I had both phones--maybe that was it, right? Well, I just got my latest iPhone-only bill, and it turns out that the eco-unfriendly bill was not an aberration.

So, while my monthly total bill is now a noticeable $10 cheaper because I changed my data and SMS text plans, my monthly paper invoice has grown noticeably larger and heavier--89 pages in total--about 30 percent bigger than my Razr bills. (I guess I'm lucky: I've read reportsof invoices being more than 300+ pages!)

I think I will switch to the paperless, online billing invoice AT&T offers, but as a lawyer, somehow I feel some need for paper invoices for evidence or record-keeping. I still feel this even though I know that electronic versions of documents and invoices are more portable and easy to keep track of--call it my inner Luddite. That aside, AT&T, I'm not sure it's necessary to track every kilobyte of data, or is it?