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Undershirt monitors heart rate with wearable electrodes

These bioelectrodes are made from a conductive fiber and can record just like a regular ECG device.

Heart rate monitor
DigInfo TV

If you've ever done a 24-hour Holter test, walking around with a heart monitor strapped to your chest isn't exactly fun.

Japanese telecom giant NTT suggests putting on this undershirt with wearable electrodes instead. It can monitor your heart rate for an extended period.

Announced earlier this year, the shirt was recently shown off at a medical tech trade show in Tokyo.

As seen in the vid below from DigInfo TV, the shirt is discreet and fits comfortably under any regular shirt.

To create the wearable electrodes, NTT researchers coated the surface of silk and synthetic fiber with PEDOT-PSS conductive polymer.

The "bioelectrode" is flexible and doesn't have to be stuck on skin with an electrolyte paste, which can cause irritation.

When a group of 10 volunteers wore undershirts equipped with the electrodes, their heart rates and electrocardiograms were successfully recorded over a long period, according to NTT.

The shirt was as stable as a conventional ECG, but NTT wants to verify the results with a group of 100 people.

The garment could be used to help remotely monitor people with chronic heart conditions, or to measure athletic performance or general fitness.

And if you soak it with sweat, you can turn that into drinking water. Yay, science!