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UNDER THE RADAR: Crunching video data and hawking goods in Second Life

Companies hoping video makers want help learning who's watching and where their clips are showing up.

Companies that help videographers track the popularity of their clips and another startup that wants to cash in on virtual world economies led the afternoon session at the Under the Radar conference on Thursday.

Cruxy offers to help musicians, break-dance instructors, authors, videographers and other artists sell their work online. In addition, Cofounder Nathan Frietas said the company can track sales data and customer behavior in Second Life as well as other virtual worlds.

Vidmetrix touts itself as a way for professional videographers and marketing execs to determine how their videos are faring on sites, such as YouTube. Vidmetrix, tells users how many views and comments a video receives at any one of 44 different sites. They also give the number of blogs that link to a clip. The San Diego-based company announced that video-sharing site Veoh, a startup backed by former Disney chairman Michael Eisner, has agreed to offer the service to users.

Crazyegg offers an analytics tool that feature a "heat map," which is a visual representation of how visitors are behaving on a site, the areas of the site that they visit and the links and advertisements they click on.

Visible Measures is another analytics company that attempts to measure video viewership. CEO Brian Shin offered few hard details about the company.