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Under-cabinet lighting at a low-profile price

Adhesive backing makes this no-install light an attractive alternative to expensive under-cabinet lighting.

Pretty in pink...or black or silver. Mighty Bright

Lighting is a critical element in the kitchen. Without good workspace lighting, you can't see what you're doing, of course, but lighting also sets the mood. At the end of the day, when you turn off the kitchen lights, the space is dark and uninviting. Add a little under-cabinet lighting, however, and the kitchen beckons, "Hey, it's okay. You can still have a glass of water or a snack before you go to bed."

But if you're not going through a total kitchen redo, how can you add in the high-end look of under-cabinet lighting? I don't know if you've heard, but a couple people have been concerned about the economy lately, so paying for all that extra electrical work might not be in the budget.

Never fear. Get yourself a set of Mighty Bright mini tap lights. The lights have adhesive foam on the bottom and can attach under your cabinets or even inside them to brighten dark corners of your kitchen. They're battery operated (lithium batteries are included) and turn on and off with a tap. At $9.99 for a set of two, these lights won't break your budget, and you'll have them "installed" in moments.

The lights come in black, silver, or pink. Order online or find them at major retail outlets nationwide.