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Undead Drew Barrymore stars in first full 'Santa Clarita Diet' trailer

We've finally got more details on the new Netflix series featuring Barrymore as a real estate agent with some unusual yet still familiar cravings.

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Netflix and Drew Barrymore are giving the well-trod (often via a slow shuffle) zombie genre yet another new spin with "The Santa Clarita Diet." After dropping a few teasers earlier this month, Netflix released the first full trailer for the show Tuesday.

As revealed in previous teasers, Barrymore and her supportive family (including her husband played by Timothy Olyphant) are forced to adopt a new lifestyle when her character dies and then returns with a taste for human flesh.

The trailer reveals that the show's take on the undead will deal more with the challenge of murdering people "who deserve it" so Barrymore can go on, uh, un-living a normal "life."

The show's first season will surely kill it, starting February 3 on the streaming service.

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