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Unboxing: U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek pizza cutter

Today we look again at one of the best kitchen gadgets we've ever seen, and it's belongings.

Surprise! Matt Hickey

I was stoked to answer my door yesterday to see a package from ThinkGeek. Last week, I wrote about the awesome U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek pizza cutter it's selling and strongly hinted that I wanted one. Someone very nice listened. I'm going to make pizza tonight.

I eagerly opened the box and was struck by the minimalist, almost Apple-esque design of the packaging.

Behold the very simple foam on the top: It's a rectangle, and that is all. But what is beneath?

It's a tease. A peek at the Enterprise's nacelles, the domain of Scotty. To the front, over the saucer, is a saucer itself of more foam. A perfect, simple circle. No extra papers, no coupons, no extras.

Matt Hickey/CNET
Matt Hickey/CNET

And beneath that, behold! The Enterprise in all of its spacefaring glory. As a fan, I myself have had many toys associated with the Star Trek universe, but this is the first one with a "14 and over only" warning that has the ability to hurt someone. Worf, the great Klingon warrior from a later generation, would approve.

Matt Hickey/CNET

Here she sits atop the dry dock she arrived in, waiting to do one thing and do it boldy: Go. The sun glistens across her side and I can imagine Bones saying, "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a pizza chef."

Matt Hickey/CNET

Make no mistake, this isn't some cheap knock-off. This is an officially licensed collectable. Note the registry that will slice through my pepperoni and sausage pizza tonight.

The saucer cuts another saucer that is full of sauce. The poetry of coincidence boggles the mind.

Matt Hickey/CNET