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Unborn baby uses Twitter

Yes, every time baby Tyler kicked inside Ellen Menscher's womb, a belt worn by his mother would wirelessly trigger a tweet to be sent. Youngest Twitter user ever?

How many times can you say "ga ga goo goo" in 140 or fewer characters? I don't have the time to work it out.

But I can tell you that the child who was, until recently, in Ellen Menscher's womb may well have been the world's youngest Twitter user.

Baby Tyler, who was born last week, was hooked up to something called a "Kickbee," a device invented by his dad, Corey, who is an interactive telecommunications student at New York University.

And now let me tweet you a burp. CC Peasap

Basically, when the unborn Tyler kicked with sufficient force, it would wirelessly send a signal, via a belt worn by his mama, to his Twitter account. And, of course, all of his followers would be super excited.

I am thinking of having the same device connected to my mouth, such that a tweet is sent every time I scream.