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UMPC goodness on display at IDF

UMPCs on display at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.

Fujitsu UMPC prototype
That Fujitsu looks familiar... UMPC Portal

It's UMPC day at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, and Intel offered plenty of examples of devices that would be built on the just-announced Ultra Mobile Platform 2007. The Fujitsu pictured here, spotted on UMPC Portal, particularly caught our attention: it looks like a consumer-electronics version of the LifeBook P1610 tablet, which has long been a niche product marketed to business travelers. It begs the question: will UMPCs ever move into the mainstream?

To help answer that question, check out our full slide show of prototypes (assembled by CNET's man on the scene, Tom Krazit), and let me know if you crave any of these devices.