Umbrella Today keeps you dry, informed about moisture

Want to check the weather without worrying about temperature? Let's face it, you just need to know if you need an umbrella or not--and this site gets that.


Umbrella Today is a refreshingly simple service that helps you figure out whether or not you should bring an umbrella out into this crazy world we live in. You just plug in your ZIP code (sorry international users) and it will give you a simple yes or no answer.

Rain or shine, you're given the option to sign up for an SMS alert service. It lets you know the next time you should bring an umbrella for that selected ZIP code whenever precipitation is in the forecast. You can also set what time of the day you want them delivered--like before you leave the house.

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[via BuzzFeed]

Wondering whether or not you'll be needing some rain protection? Umbrella Today gives you the heads up. CBS Interactive
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