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Tech Industry

Umax to offer networking gear

The company announces its intentions to enter the competitive market for networking equipment and will display its new wares at Networld+Interop.

Umax Technologies, the scanner giant that is also the lone company still cloning Apple Computer Macintosh compatible systems, announced its intentions to enter the competitive market for networking equipment.

The company said it would immediately offer a variety of networking devices, such as shared hubs and dedicated switches, for small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate enterprises. The products include desktop switches for small and home offices as well as versatile Ethernet-based switches for departments in large networks.

The company will use the networking industry trade show Networld+Interop to display the new wares--numbering more than 20--this week.

The company may be looking for ways to further diversify its computer products portfolio. The company announced its intentions to make a network computer last November. The company has said recently that its sales of Mac clones are expected to have a less important role in the company's product mix.