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UMAX scanner support better in the UK?

UMAX scanner support better in the UK?

While UMAX's United States Web site lacks Mac OS X driver downloads for a number of popular scanner models (instead forcing users to purchase a driver CD-ROM in some instances), Steve Oltmann notes that the company's United Kingdom site offers a broader selection, and more freely available options:

"The problem with UMAX is their USA Support. Compare UMAX USA support with UMAX UK support. Use the 6400/6450 scanner as an example (one of the first Firewire scanners for the Mac):

  • UK - The OS X drivers as well as drivers for other Mac OS are free downloads. The CD-ROM versions cost the equivalent of $10 USD.
  • USA - No free downloads of the OS 9 software and no OS X support at all. The OS 9 CD-ROM is $32.

UMAX's UK support site is located at

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