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Umax scales new heights with minitower

Umax Computer made official its identify as a Mac clone maker by taking the wraps off a new minitower.

Umax Computer spun off from parent Umax Data Systems and made official its identity as a Mac clone maker by taking the wraps off a new minitower.

The SuperMac S9000 minitower uses the 150-MHz PowerPC 604 chip and is aimed at the power user in the engineering or graphics markets.

Priced at about $4,000, the S900L includes the 150-MHz processor with 512K level-2 cache, 16MB of RAM, 4MB of VRAM on an IMS 128-bit graphics accelerator, a 6.7X-speed CD-ROM, a 2GB hard disk drive, six PCI card slots, and five drive bays for adding storage or other internal SCSI peripherals. The S900L will also have room for eight dual in-line memory modules, making for a RAM capacity of 1GB. A SuperMac S900D is comparable but without the VRAM or hard drive for $3,095.

The company expects to begin shipping these two models in volume in June. But company officials said they expect to roll out mid-range and low-end systems that will compete in price with Pentium-based desktops in the coming months.

Umax Computer expects to take advantage of the reseller channels already established by Umax Data Systems for its line of scanners.