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Umax box does Windows

Umax introduces its latest Macintosh clones. One of them even does Windows.

Umax Computer today introduced its latest Macintosh clones, which will ship with the Mac OS 8. One of them even does Windows.

The C600vPC is bundled with Virtual PC software from Connectix that lets the computer run DOS applications as well as programs that run on Windows NT, 95, and 3.x, IBM OS/2, and Next OpenStep when the user installs those operating systems.

"With the C600vPC/200, Umax customers now have the freedom to use the most appropriate application, regardless of the operating environment," said Umax vice president of marketing Phil Pompa in a statement.

The introduction of the C600vPC closely follows the introduction of the first clones to come out since the resolution of the Mac licensing fracas this summer. (See related story)

The computer comes with a 200-MHz 603e PowerPC microprocessor, 32MB of RAM, upgradable 256K L2 cache, a 3.3GB hard drive, and 10 Base-T Ethernet. Connectix Speed Doubler, which improves performance in some Mac functions, will be bundled.

Marketed at both business and personal users, the C600vPC costs $1,495 and will be available in November.

Umax also introduced an updated high-end Mac for graphic design and digital video professionals called the S900i/250. The system has a 250-MHz PowerPC 604e, and is updated to include a 4GB hard disk drive, 64MB of memory, and a modem. The system will be priced at $3,695 and will be available in November