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Umax boosts Mac OS lineup

Mac clone maker Umax expands its Mac OS-compatible workstations with a new system based on a 233-MHz PowerPC 604e chip from Motorola.

Umax Computer Corporation (UCC) today expanded its Mac OS-compatible line of workstations with a new system based on a 233-MHz PowerPC 604e processor from Motorola.

The system is intended for use by graphics professionals such as Web page designers and provides Unix workstation-class performance at a lower price than a typical Unix system, according to Andy Chang, senior vice president of worldwide sales for UCC.

The new S900/233 system will be upgradable to a dual-processor system through the addition of a secondary processor card. Applications that take advantage of the nPower multiprocessing technology developed by DayStar can be accelerated with the addition of a second processor.

Umax says the systems will ship with the Mac OS 7.6, a 128-bit graphics accelerator, 32MB of memory, a 2.1GB SCSI hard drive, and an 8X CD-ROM. A 10Base-T Ethernet and Apple Ethernet connector are built-in, and six PCI expansion slots are available.

The company says the system will be available in late March. No pricing was announced.