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Ulysses begins groupware Odyssey

Ulysses Telemedia will release Net-based groupware intended to compete with Lotus Notes.

Ulysses Telemedia will next month release Net-based groupware intended to make intranets an even stronger alternative to proprietary networks running Lotus Notes.

Odyssey is an integrated suite of applications designed to provide groupware capabilities to standard Web browsers on Macintoshes, PCs, and Unix workstations. The suite includes Odyssey Contact Manager to let users manage business contacts; Odyssey Calendar for scheduling individual and group appointments; and Odyssey Reminder for scheduling email, pager, or fax reminders.

Although the upcoming Odyssey suite and a similar offering from Radnet called WebShare don't yet match the comprehensive capabilities of proprietary groupware solutions like Notes, experts expect intranet software to eventually bump Notes from its dominance in the groupware market. This week, Input published a study that gives Notes two more years at the top of the groupware heap before intranet solutions take over.

Ulysses will offer the suite for $3,995 or $1,500 per individual application, plus $150 per user. The server software requires a Unix server.