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'Ultron Funk' gonna give it to you in this Avengers mashup

A snappy YouTube video Hulk-smashes the infectious groove of hit song "Uptown Funk" together with the Avengers just for the funk of it.

What do you get when you combine one of the catchiest pop songs to come out in recent memory with one of the biggest hit films? "Ultron Funk," that's what. The video was posted on YouTube Ma 13 by Chad Nikolaus and Angie Griffin, who have a YouTube channel called "Screen Team."

To be clear, it's not a fan recut of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" -- it's a video with homemade costumes and parody lyrics, set to the tune of "Uptown Funk," which, if you've been living in a sound-proof, pop-culture-proof chamber for the past year, is a song released at the end of 2014 by producer Mark Ronson with vocals by Bruno Mars.

My two favorite lyrical choices: the replacement of "hot damn" with "Hulk smash" and the line sung by the faux Hawkeye, "Half the audience don't know who I am."

Of course, I think you could pretty much set the phone book to "Uptown Funk" and it would sound good. But you have to give it to Nikolaus and Griffin for the sweet job they did writing the lyrics, doing up the costumes and working out some pretty funky dance moves. Don't you think?

Now repeat after me ... Ul-tron funk you up, Ultron funk you up.