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Ultrasmall Iomega drive due

Addonics Technology's $249 PC card device stores 100MB, the same amount as a Zip disk.

Addonics Technology has developed a pocket-sized Zip drive for notebook computers that holds up to 100MB of data.

The PocketZip, which Addonics bills as the "world's smallest Zip drive," measures 7 by 4 inches and weighs 13 ounces. It can draw power from the notebook's battery, unlike standard Zip drives, which require an outside power source, and store as much data as a standard Zip disk.

The drive comes in a PC Card design and plugs into the PC Card slot found in all notebook PCs.

Removable storage devices are increasingly replacing floppy drives as consumers' preferred method of backing up important data on PCs. Iomega's Zip drives are the most popular of these devices, but have recently come under fire for a series of performance problems.

Zip drives for notebooks are a relatively new phenomenon. The first round of Zip drives for portable computers were shipped late last year.

The PocketZip incorporates Iomega's Zip drive mechanism and Addonics case, software, power adapter, and voice recording software. The PocketZip can record up to ten hours of audio data per Zip cartridge.

The Addonics Zip drive will be available in April through retailers for an expected retail price of $249.