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'Ultraman' and 'Kamen Rider' to ride again on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon's streaming service is producing 12 new Japanese TV shows, including revivals of these classic superhero punch-ups.

Ultraman meets fans in Tokyo.

Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

Classic Japanese monster-battling superheroes Ultraman and Kamen Rider will rise again on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon will produce new versions of the superhero shows as part of a lineup of 12 new Japanese TV series to be shown exclusively on the Prime Video streaming service.

The two tokusatsu shows, featuring superheroes battling kaiju monsters, were phenomenally successful in the 1960s and 1970s and were precursors to shows like "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

Other new shows being produced in Japan by Amazon will include "Businessmen Vs. Aliens", a sci-fi comedy created by Yuichi Fukuda, and a comedy show featuring top comic Hitoshi Matsumoto.

Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and chief rival Netflix are betting big on original content to win subscribers. Big-name stars and revivals of classic shows are among the tactics they're employing. Both have recruited a galaxy of stars from Woody Allen to Angelina Jolie, while Netflix has revived among others "Voltron," a popular 1980s cartoon adapted from Japanese animation.

Local content is also increasingly important. Netflix has produced original shows in France, Germany and the UK. In fact, the EU is enforcing rules that services must offer a minimum amount of local content for streaming.