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Ultra-realistic dino survival game chomps through Kickstarter goal

"Saurian" for PC and Mac promises an open-world survival experience on the "cutting edge of scientific knowledge," and has raised nearly $75,000 to date.

A Kickstarter project that promises the most realistic dinosaur experience ever has smashed through its funding goal.

Like a pachycephalosaurus smashing into a prehistoric conifer, "Saurian" for PC and Mac has barrelled through its $55,000 funding goal, raising (at the time of writing) nearly $75,000, with 27 days of its cash drive still to go.

Built by self-proclaimed "dinosaur enthusiasts and gamers", "Saurian" will drop the player into the Hell Creek system, 66 million years in the past, where they'll have to live and survive as one of several playable dinosaurs. The games makers say, "The mass, locomotion speed, jumping capabilities, and turning ratios of all the dinosaurs in Saurian are based on data and research.

"Whenever possible," the Kickstarter description continues, "all aspects of Saurian have been vetted to ensure our animals and their world is up to date with the cutting edge of scientific knowledge." By the looks of the game so far, that means plenty of feathers.

In an update since hitting its funding target, "Saurian" makers say they'll begin development on PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, if they make their stretch goal of $400,000.