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Ultimate tailgater

Ultimate tailgater

GM wants you to know that van conversions aren't dead, and to prove the point, this modified Savana got some space on the Detroit Auto Show floor. This Savana was tricked out by Explorer van conversions with a 26-inch LCD TV set into the front wall of the camper top, just behind the front seats. Oh, and that's not a DVD or some sketchy broadcast signal; this conversion comes with satellite TV. A TracVision satellite antenna is mounted to the top of the vehicle, and this can keep a signal while the van is moving. But if you did want to watch a movie, the Savana has a DVD player, as well as gaming hookups if you want to bring along that Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The driver gets an unspectacular navigation system plus a backup camera, which is essential when the van is filled with rowdy football fans. And for a final touch, the Savana comes with a propane barbecue that mounts to the trailer hitch--but only when the van is stopped.