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Ultimate laptop bag for Apple hipsters?

Timbuk2's limited-edition Mission MacBook Messenger bags are available exclusively from, which tells you who they're designed for.

Ode to iPhone: The $130 Timbuk2 Mission MacBook Messenger in white (click to enlarge). David Carnoy/CNET

Not surprisingly, Apple's very particular about just what it lets into its brick-and-mortar and online stores. Which is why Timbuk2 gave its limited edition Mission MacBook Messengers a little extra Apple flair.

The new bags, which cost $130 and are an Apple online exclusive for now (they're just about to hit but aren't being sold quite yet), come in three "wicked" colors: Specialty White, Specialty Gunmetal Racing Stripe, and Specialty Black.

However, the white model and its supershiny vinyl and perforated faux leather finish is the most eye-catching and most closely mirrors Apple's trademark white products.

Beyond the flashy exteriors, Timbuk2 integrates a Crater MacBook sleeve into the bag that not only protects your laptop but "cools your device twice as fast as neoprene," the company says.

Of course, while Timbuk2 says the new bags are "Apple-inspired," there's nothing stopping you from putting non-Apple products in them. The bag has no alarm that goes off when, say, you tuck an Android tablet or a Windows ultrabook in the Crater MacBook sleeve. That said, it would be pretty amusing if it did.

The bag also comes in black, as well as gunmetal with a blue racing stripe (click to enlarge). Timbuk2