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Take a test drive in Batman's smokin' Justice League ride

Just in time for the release of the "Justice League" movie, Mattel drops the Ultimate Justice League Batmobile. It's... ridiculous.

The "Justice League" movie is just around the corner, so naturally, a slew of toys are squealing out of the Batcave in time for its release. We decided to grab the biggest one for a test drive: the Ultimate Justice League Batmobile by Mattel.

The outer shell of this oversized remote control car is mostly plastic, but still, it has some weight to it and feels durable. One spot where we had a little trouble was the cockpit door, which didn't always latch when closing.

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Inside the cockpit, you have a 6-inch Batman action figure who's steering the car as you drive with the remote device. And yes, you can pull mini-Batman out of the car if you want to take a closer look.

It's controlled by a phone or tablet, via an app that works on Android 4.1 and later or iOS 10 and up. When running, the Batmobile has vroomy engine sounds and spits out smoke from the exhaust -- so maybe don't leave it running in a sealed room for too long.

There's a trendy augmented reality (AR) mode as well. It's a cool effect that allows you to see gunfire on the screen of your mobile device, through a view streamed from a tiny camera in the cockpit, over Batman's shoulder. There's also a rocket launcher and rotary guns that follow the direction the car is being steered and sends sound effects to your mobile device's speakers.

Note that because the car is controlled by a touchscreen device instead of a traditional analog RC remote, actually driving it can be challenging, and I found it easy to accidentally run into a wall.

It requires some assembly and comes with a 9.9-volt battery and smoke machine. You don't need to be a billionaire like Bruce Wayne to own this car, but at $249 you will part with some serious green.