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Ultimate Ears unleashes a slew of new earphones

Fall is always a big time of year for new consumer electronics, and headphones are no exception. Ultimate Ears recently debuted a grip of new earphones for fall. Check 'em out in this gallery.

Ultimate Ears 100
Ultimate Ears

September products are just in time for those heading back to school and leave plenty of time to spare for the holiday buying season. It never fails: new releases always abound this time of year, and headphones are no exception. Among the many companies launching new product lines, it's easy to miss an announcement here and there. But if you're in the market for a new, inexpensive set of earphones with a low profile and sound-isolating capabilities, don't overlook Ultimate Ears' fall lineup.

The brand, which was purchased by Logitech in 2008, is offering six new sets ranging from $19.99 to $79.99, several with integrated mics and remote controls for music phones. In addition, Ultimate Ears has finally released a follow-up to the spectacular UE-10 Pro custom monitors--and yes, you'll still need a thousand bucks and a visit to your audiologist to get your hands on a pair.