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Ultimate Convention Hoodie: Assassin's Creed meets geek cred

Conquer the halls of any comic con with a hoodie from Her Universe and Nerdist designed to carry all your swag, from posters to comic books.

Ultimate Convention Hoodie
You'll be a comic-con ninja with this hoodie. Kelsey Edwards Photography

Not everybody shows up to comic conventions in full-blown costume. Sometimes, you just want to put on a "Doctor Who" T-shirt, drape a comfortable hoodie over your shoulders, and go casual. A collaboration between geek-fashion company Her Universe and geek news site/podcast Nerdist has resulted in a con-hoodie to rule all hoodies.

The Ultimate Convention Hoodie will get an official unveiling at San Diego Comic-Con, but details on the wearable are already available. The black hoodie will be available for both men and women. It's absolutely stuffed with specialized pockets, kind of like a hipper, nerdier version of a Scottevest.

There are several all-purpose pockets, like one on the left sleeve. An inside pocket includes a hole to run your headphone cord through. The right side of the hoodie features something called a "trick pocket," which probably sounds more mysterious than it actually is. There's a built-in clip to hold your convention badge in plain sight and a side pocket large enough to carry a water bottle.

Those are all cool features, but the back is where this hoodie really shines. There are two pockets sized to hold rolled-up posters, positioning them like a pair of swords just below your shoulders, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. Low on the back is a comic books pocket, so you can safely tuck away your valuable new reading material for later. You'll just want to be careful when you lean back in a chair so as to not crush your swag.

Pricing is not yet available, but San Diego Comic-Con goers can stop by the Her Universe booth to pick one up during the show.