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Ukulele Batman vs. Bagpipe Superman: Who will win?

The caped crime fighters face off in this hilarious video, but not with fancy weapons or alien superpowers.

When superheroes fight each other on behalf of us mere mortals, it never seems to go well.

We'll see this week what mayhem unfolds in "Batman v Superman." Until we get a firsthand look the DC Comics crusaders duke it out on the big screen, we can watch the duo have a duel of a different sort.

In "Ukulele Batman vs Bagpipe Superman," posted by Portland-based YouTube user The Unipiper, we see a very determined Batman play his theme song on the ukulele while sitting in a serene park.

Just when Batman thinks he's mastered the tune, we hear Superman's theme song being played on a bagpipe by none other than Kal-El himself, riding a unicycle no less.

Leave it to Superman to up the ante on this musical challenge. Did we mention his bagpipe also shoot flames?

Sadly, Wonder Woman wasn't included. If she was, we imagine her guitar skills would probably impress them both.

Watch the video and decide for yourself who is the real musical mastermind.