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Brits spent more on vinyl than on music downloads

Who says vinyl is dead!? In the UK, people spent more money on vinyl than on music downloads.


More money was spent on vinyl than downloaded albums last week, for the first time.

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While some still consider vinyl records a niche market, last week people in the UK proved otherwise.

Money from vinyl music sales was greater than that of digital downloads in the UK last week, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association. The ERA shared that vinyl accounted for £2.4 million, about $3 million and AU$4.1 million, for the record industry compared to the £2.1m from digital downloads.

ERA chief Kim Bayley told BBC News that "it's not so long ago that the digital download was meant to be the future. Few would have predicted that an album format, first invented in 1948 and based on stamping a groove into a piece of plastic, would now be outselling it in 2016."

It's not an entirely new phenomenon. Vinyl sales have been outstripping ad revenue from streamed music on sites like YouTube since last year in countries like the US, UK and France, according to stats from the recording industry's international trade group.

Furthermore, sales of digital downloads have been on the decline as more people listen to music on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music.

But don't worry. Something tells me digital downloads aren't dead, yet.

The ERA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.