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UK one of the cheapest places in Europe to buy iPhone 5S

We're always hearing about rip-off Britain, but the UK is actually one of the cheapest places to buy an iPhone in Europe.

We're always hearing about rip-off Britain, but according to new numbercrunching of prices, our green and pleasant land is actually one of the cheapest places in Europe to buy an Apple iPhone.

MobileUnlocked has ranked the world's nations by the price you have to pay for a 5S in each country. An iPhone 5S costs £549 here in Blighty, placing us solidly mid-table among the nations of the world.

We should note of course that these figures involve a direct conversion of local prices to a price in pounds, without adjusting for local wages. 

The cheapest country in which to buy an iPhone is Apple's home country, the US. That said, there's only a few pennies between the US and the UAE, with Hong Kong, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia among the other cheaper countries.

22 countries are ahead of the UK in iPhone affordability, including Canada, Australia, China and India. Meanwhile the phone is more expensive in 25 countries.

A big reason for that is tax: take off tax and the iPhone costs £457.50 in Britain -- just £55 more than in the US, putting us in the top 10 cheapest countries -- and second cheapest in Europe, after the Czech Republic.

The iPhone is relatively expensive in Europe: Switzerland and the Czech Republic are the only countries ahead of us.  

Finally, spare a thought for phone fans in Romania, Turkey and Jordan, the countries in which the iPhone is most expensive: Jordanians pay £677.24 for a 5S.

With prices like this, it's no wonder some Apple fans will go to extreme lengths to own an iPhone, like the couple who sold their daughter to buy one. But before you go booking a trip to the US, UAE or Switzerland, remember that bringing back any gadget bought overseas can incur customs charges when you return.

Is Britain a rip-off? Have you ever bought a gadget overseas? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.