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UK man exterminates record for most Daleks

Rob Hull now officially holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Daleks, with 571 versions of the most famous alien villain on "Doctor Who."

Rob Hull and his many Daleks
Rob Hull and his many Daleks. Guinness World Records

It's either the heartwarming tale of a man's passionate love for fantasy and adventure or a sad story of a lifetime's income terribly wasted. You get to decide.

Rob Hull of Doncaster, England, has been officially awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Dalek toys and models. As of this writing, he possesses 571 of the evil alien overlords after 20 years of collecting.

In a real head-scratcher, Hull isn't a fan of the TV series that gave birth to his beloved Daleks, "Doctor Who." According to Guinness, Hull just liked the design of Dalek toys as a child. When his mother refused to get him one, he evidently vowed to own his own plunger-waving army one day.

Hull reportedly torments his long-suffering wife, Dawn, with the collection as it slowly overtakes their home and exterminates any sense of interior design aesthetic.