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You can now stream UFC shows on Amazon

UFC and Amazon have inked a deal that begins with Sunday's UFC 222.


Sport and streaming services are becoming increasingly intertwined. The latest link on the chain? You can now order UFC pay-per-views on Amazon Video.

The partnership starts with UFC 222, an event this Sunday headlined by the Women's Featherweight championship fight between Cris Cyborg and Yana Kunitskaya. It's available for preorder now, costing $65. 

While that's no cheaper than ordering by traditional means, the deal may help UFC snag prospective new buyers: Tens of millions have their payment details already stored on Amazon, which eliminates one of the barriers a prospective first-time PPV buyer could face. Once you've bought it, you'll be able to watch the PPV event for up to 24 hours after it airs. 

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Amazon isn't a stranger to sports: It last year inked a deal with the NFL to stream 11 Thursday Night Football, reportedly to the tune of $50 million. Its competing with Twitter and Facebook, with the former previously airing NBA pregame shows and the latter streaming a tailor-made WWE show after bidding over $600 million for the rights to air Premier League cricket matches.