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UE Wonderboom gets funky new 'Freestyle' color options

Ultimate Ears' compact Bluetooth speaker is getting a spring refresh with some eye-catching new colors.


The new Freestyle collection colors.


When UE told us it was announcing five "new designs" for its Wonderboom speaker, we were hoping there was some actual change to the speaker. But it turns out its just a cosmetic refresh.

Launched last year in six color options, the fully waterproof Wonderboom is adding five more with the arrival of the new Freestyle collection. They include: Concrete, Avocado, Patches, Raspberry and Unicorn.

Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears, says, "The new collection is all about expressing yourself." But you can't custom design your own Wonderboom yet, which would be kind of cool.

The Wonderboom carries a list price of $100, £80 or AU$130, but you can pick up certain colors for as little as $60. In my review I said that, "For its size, the affordable and durable UE Wonderboom is one of the fullest sounding mini Bluetooth speakers you can buy."

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