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Ubisoft pumps Black Eyed Peas for Wii, Kinect

One of the most recognizable music acts in the world is getting its own video game. For now, "Imma be" on the fence about this one.

Will you let 'The Black Eyed Peas' take over your living room? Video screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Some things are certain in life, like death, taxes, and hearing the Black Eyed Peas pretty much every time you turn on the radio. Now, unsurprisingly, the inescapable quartet is getting its own video game.

After launching a string of successful music-oriented titles such as Just Dance and Michael Jackson: The Experience, Ubisoft has announced the Black Eyed Peas Experience for Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360. The upcoming game will put players alongside,, Taboo, and Fergie to deliver songs such as "Boom, Boom, Pow," "Rock That Body," and "Let's Get It Started."

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Ubisoft studios in Quebec and Paris are working on the Wii version based on Just Dance, in which players hold the Wiimote controller and imitate dance moves onscreen. The Kinect equivalent, which will enable gamers to create an onstage avatar and dance using their body movements, is under development by Japanese video game developer iNiS (known for the Lips franchise). Both versions will give vocalists the chance to sing while lyrics scroll onscreen.

True fans of the band should not be disappointed by the game, as states in the official press release that it will be "an experience that's 100 percent authentic to The Black Eyed Peas." HR reports that director and choreographer Fatima Robinson, who has worked with a wide range of famous recording artists (including the Peas), will craft new dance routines for the game.

No official release date has been announced for the game, but the French gaming publisher has ambiguously said it's "coming soon." We'll see if there are people who still "Just Can't Get Enough" of the group to make this another hit for Ubisoft.