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Uber update will make it easier to delete your account

The ride-hailing company will now allow users to erase their accounts from inside the app.


There will soon be an easier way to delete your Uber account.

Carl Court, Getty Images

An update to Uber's privacy settings will make it easier for people to delete their accounts, the company said in a blog post Friday.

Until now, users had to go to Uber's support page, login and submit a short form. Now, they can do the work from inside the app.

In January, the #DeleteUber hashtag trended after riders criticized the ride-hailing company for not strongly opposing President Donald Trump's immigration ban, leading to the loss of about 200,000 customers. Uber said the work behind the new function began long before that controversy.

"We started building the foundation for these settings more than a year ago to ensure it could support not only these initial controls, but future ones as well," Uber said in a statement.

Users will find the option under the new privacy menu, which will also house settings for location and notifications. People will be able to decide if they want to share their location with Uber, as well as control notifications from the app.

Uber will roll out the update in the next few weeks.