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​UberEats launches in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

Like Uber, but for people who don't want to leave the house in their PJs.


Hand over the food and no one gets hurt.


Uber's global expansion continues apace with the ridesharing company launching its growing food delivery service UberEats in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The standalone app lets the tired and hungry order food from local restaurants, then track the delivery to their door.

There are more than 80 restaurants on board in Brisbane, 60 in Adelaide and 70 in Perth, and Uber says delivery is free for a "limited time."

The service launched in Melbourne in April, followed by a second launch in Sydney in July. According to Uber, Melbourne is still the most popular city in the world for UberEats, followed by Toronto, London, LA and San Francisco.

Competing against the likes of MenuLog, Foodora and Deliveroo, UberEats is yet another food delivery app in a crowded market catering to urban foodies, and it will certainly be interesting to see whether all these services hang around in the long term. But until then, you have another option for instant gratification.