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Uber wants to be big in Asia

The on-demand car service, which has been rapidly growing overseas, is aggressively hiring for new positions in Asia.

A screenshot from Uber's new Asia recruiting video. Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

Uber, the on-demand car service, is making a big push to hire people for its teams in Asia, a region where the startup has rapidly expanded to.

The company posted a blog entry Tuesday with a snazzy recruiting video that features some of its latest hires for the region. They're all young, bilingual, and have adopted the word "hustle" as their personal anthem.

The company lists dozens of positions for its new cities and is luring potential candidates with tales of a startup life with some big backing. Uber raised $350 million from investors during its latest funding round.

Uber's been growing quickly globally in the last few months, launching in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, two weeks ago and its third city in India, Hyderabad, just last week. So far, the service is in 14 cities in Asia (this includes two cities in Australia, which Uber counts as part of its Asia/Pacific group).