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Uber travels to Johannesburg to add fifth continent

The company's car service is now for the first time in Africa as it continues to expand its offering globally.

South African football player Mark Fish getting out of his Uber ride.
South African football player Mark Fish (right) getting out of his Uber ride. Uber

Uber, the on-demand car service that made a name for itself in major cities across the U.S., is now available in its fifth continent.

The company on Wednesday announced that it has launched its car-hailing service in Johannesburg. According to the company, South African football player and African Cup of Nations winner Mark Fish was the first to use the service in Johannesburg, when he booted up his iPhone app and requested a ride.

Uber provides on-demand black car service. Customers access the company's mobile app and request a vehicle at their location. An authorized Uber driver then picks them up and drives them to their location.

Although the lion's share of Uber's supported cities are in North America, including New York, Seattle, and San Francisco, the company has been expanding globally at a rapid clip. In Europe, its service is offered in several prominent cities, including Rome and Paris. Its Asia-Pacific cities include Seoul and Sydney, among others.

Johannesburg is Uber's first supported city in Africa. However, the company cautioned that since the service is in its infancy, customers might find availability of cars to be limited.