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Uber considering Meg Whitman for CEO role, says report

The embattled ride-share company needs a new CEO, and one of the most well-known women in the business world is reportedly on the list.

Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman Rings NYSE Opening Bell

Whitman after ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange in November, 2015.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

Uber might hail a powerful woman for chief executive.

Meg Whitman, currently head of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and formerly of eBay and Disney, as well as a former candidate for governor of California, is one of six people the ride-sharing company is considering for its next CEO.

According to Bloomberg, citing employees who attended a staff meeting where potential new CEOs were discussed, the identities of the other five people on Uber's list could not be determined.

Uber is looking for a replacement to head the company after co-founder Travis Kalanick was forced to step down as chief executive officer in June. His resignation came amid a wave of scandals including an investigation by former US Attorney General Eric Holder of claims of sexual harassment. Holder's investigation resulted in a report that recommended "changes to senior leadership."

Founded in 2009, Uber is one of the world's most valuable privately-held companies. It's raised over $14 billion in funding from investors and has a valuation of almost $70 billion.

Uber did not immediately reply to a request for comment.