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Uber to Chinese drivers: Selfies encouraged

In an effort to ensure driver identity, the ride-sharing service will ask drivers to use facial recognition features.


Prospective Uber drivers in China will have to snap a selfie in order to register with the service.


As Uber continues to battle concerns over driver safety and identity, the ride-sharing service will begin asking its drivers in China to use facial recognition features.

Drivers will use an app to take a selfie upon initially registering to establish their identities, reports the South China Morning Post. As part of the process, they would make a series of simple head gestures, according to the report. Drivers will then have to confirm their identities periodically to ensure they are really who they say they are.

The features, which are designed to end questionable activities like multiple drivers sharing a single account, will have no impact on passengers for now. Uber could not be immediately reached for comment.