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Uber prints 15,000 emails, stuffs them in sacks, delivers via horse and cart

Uber wasn't happy with recent changes to ridesharing laws in Australia. So it did what any multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley company would do.

Uber has gone old-school to promote its services in Australia, printing out 15,000 emails protesting changes to ridesharing laws and delivering them to a local politician via horse and carriage.

The Queensland Government last month passed changes to state transport laws, increasing penalties for drivers and "administrators" of ridesharing services, pushing fines as high as AU$23,560. Uber called on its customers to email the state government in protest, but said the emails were soon blocked.

Sensing impending calamity, Uber went full "Bonanza" and printed out every email, bundled them up in burlap sacks and delivered them to the offices of State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in a horse and carriage.

Uber will no doubt pitch this latest version of its service as a buggy, not a feature.