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Uber fires exec who obtained rape victim's records, say reports

The news is the latest black eye for the firm, which has been accused of fostering a companywide culture of sexism and unprofessional business practices.

Protestors in New Delhi, India, in 2014 after the rape of a woman by an Uber driver.

Protesters in New Delhi, India, in 2014 after the rape of a woman by an Uber driver.

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Uber has fired an executive who obtained the medical records of a woman raped by an Uber driver in India, according to several reports, news that will add to the company's reputation for fostering a toxic environment.

The executive showed the medical records to top management at Uber, including CEO Travis Kalanick, according to reports in Recode and The New York Times. The executive sought the records because he believed the rape had been fabricated by an Uber competitor.

Uber confirmed that the executive is no longer with the company but declined to discuss details.

The reports come a day after Uber said it had fired more than 20 employees after an internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations. A second internal inquiry is being led by former US Attorney General Eric Holder.

The two investigations come after a former employee wrote a blog post in February detailing allegations of sexual harassment, sexism and unprofessional business practices at Uber.

Since then, the ride-hailing service has been embroiled in a host of scandals and has lost nearly a dozen high-level executives, including President Jeff Jones, President of Engineering Amit Singhal, head of finance Gautam Gupta and the head of its self-driving car program, Anthony Levandowski.