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Uber gives customers motorcade for President's Day

As a special President's Day treat, certain lucky Uber customers in Washington, D.C. receive a presidential-style motorcade, complete with limo and two Chevy Suburbans.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There don't seem to be too many enjoyable aspects of being president.

However, it must be nice to know you'll always get to the airport on time because you have a Chevy Suburban back and front, ready to clear traffic for your Town Car to glide through.

How lovely, then, that Uber--the nice Germanic-sounding people whom you can just text to get a ride--decided to give a few lucky customers a motorcade to celebrate President's Day today.

All those lucky customers were in Washington, D.C., so its residents must have thought the president was unusually active on his own day.

Because this was a stunt to generate a little positive publicity for Uber (goodness, it seems to have worked), these rides were called UBERcades.

They also featured three people who were all dolled up like Secret Service agents.

In immediately posting this to YouTube, the company admitted that its agents were, sadly, not empowered to clear traffic.

Nor, indeed, did they have "tear gas, bulletproof armor, or a backup oxygen system in the trunk"--all of which seem useful when driving around many U.S. cities.

Still, this is an adorable wheeze that will surely earn Uber some votes when people next elect to drink too much and need chauffeuring to a place of rest.