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Uber game chair has endless features

Ultimate Game Chair's Renegade seems a $300 luxury way to play, with lighting effects, speakers, and audio jacks.

If you're one of those gamers for whom a beat-up old BarcaLounger doesn't cut it, I might have just the fancy alternative for you.

If, that is, you don't blanch at the notion of forking over $300 for a chair that has little purpose other than indulging your greatest gaming needs.

I present the Renegade, the latest in the Ultimate Game Chair series.

The Renegade, the latest offering from Ultimate Game Chair, costs $300 and has a seemingly endless supply of features Ultimate Game Chair

This little beauty, which I am currently not sitting in, is a monument to everyone's inner level-70 World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade player.

What does your 300 clams buy you besides 50 pounds of pure chair? Well, according to the literature, it comes with 12 "game-sync'd" vibration motors, MP3 and headphone jacks, game-triggered lighting effects, and 3D stereo speakers mounted in the headrest.

Not only that, but it is supposedly compatible with just about every video game console, including handhelds and PCs, and works with wireless controllers of all kinds.

I have to admit, having never used one of these, that it's a looker. I don't think I would ever go so far as to shell out for it, but I know a bunch of people who would.

The question is: is this a wise way to spend your $300, when you could use that Barcalounger and get five new Xbox games for the same money?

Well, I guess the reality is that if you're the kind of person who might be inclined to buy this chair, the price is probably not your biggest concern.