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Uber to hand out free rides, if you have the right credit card

The ride-hailing service launches a loyalty program for holders of selected Capital One cards in the US.

Paying with a Capital One credit card could earn you a free Uber trip.

Tony Savino/Corbis/Getty Images/Uber

Uber is rewarding your loyalty with free rides -- if you're a Capital One customer.

Uber, the globally popular app that lets you dial up a private-hire car from your phone, has partnered with personal-finance company Capital One for the ride-hailing app's first loyalty program. If you pay with a Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne credit card from now until next March, every 10th ride is free.

The free ride is available up to a value of $15. Every nine trips, the free 10th ride is automatically added to your Uber account. Because of the credit cards involved, the program is available only in the US.

When asked if this kind of offer could be made available to a wider population, Uber Vice President of Strategic Initiatives David Richter didn't rule it out. "This is the first loyalty program" from Uber, he said, "but it could be extended to other use cases."

The initiative follows recent announcements from Uber including the option to schedule rides in advance. Previously, you could arrange for a car only to come straight to you. The service also recently changed its wait policy to try to cut down on the time drivers spend waiting for passengers to show up.