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Uber-cool (and eco) PlayStation 4 design concept

Designer imagines a PS4 made largely from recyclable materials, with a zero-watt standby mode and an "Eco Restart" function that directly resumes saved games.

concept PS4
Yanko Design

Here's a futuristic rendition of the yet-to-be-released PlayStation 4 game console. Up to 60 percent of the console is assembled from recyclable materials, while a slew of green technologies add to its eco credentials. These range from a zero-watt standby mode to an "Eco Restart" function that directly resumes saved games. For every 30 minutes the PS4 runs on AC, the box will cut off power and operate from a rechargeable battery for an additional five minutes to conserve power and prevent data loss in case of an outage.

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The imaginary PS4--conceived by Joseph Dumary and featured on the site Yanko Design--is quite a powerhouse, too, featuring a 3D Blu-ray optical drive, 1.5TB storage, and 4K resolution support. It can connect up to six TVs and comes with a controller sporting a small screen just like the Wii U. Nobody will deny this is a really handsome and powerful machine, though I wonder if consumers would be willing to pay a high premium for these fancy capabilities.

concept PS4
Yanko Design

(Source: Crave Asia via Ubergizmo)