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​Here's how to get banned from Uber

The ride hailing service tells customers "behavior matters." No guns or sex in the car. Oh, and no barfing either.


Uber tells passengers how they should behave when using the ride hailing service.


It's not only drivers who can get banned from Uber, passengers run a risk too, if they don't behave.

Though most people likely know it's not cool to have sex or to vomit in the back of a car, some people apparently need to be told. Uber released a list of community guidelines on Thursday spelling out what's good and what's bad behavior when it comes to ride hailing.

Respecting the driver? Good. Vandalizing the car? Not so much.

Buckling up? Good. Flipping the bird? Um, no.

Carrying a gun? Definitely not good.

"Most riders show drivers the respect they deserve. But some don't -- whether it's leaving trash in the car, throwing up in the back seat after too much alcohol or asking a driver to break the speed limit so they can get to their appointment on time," Rachel Holt, head of Uber's North American operations, wrote in a blog post. "This kind of poor behavior is not OK, which is why we will take action against passengers who are rude, abusive or violent."

Uber had already published the reasons a driver can lose access to the platform, but this is the first time the company is expanding its rules and adding in behavior for passengers. If a rider breaks these rules, Uber says, the company could permanently close that person's account.

As Uber put it, "behavior matters."