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Uber agrees to $7.5 million payout over background checks

The case alleged that drivers were fired based on information from consumer background reports that Uber obtained without authorization.

NurPhoto/Getty Images

Uber is no stranger to lawsuits, but the company seems to want to settle them rather than fight them out in court.

The ride-hailing company has agreed to a $7.5 million settlement in a San Francisco federal court case brought by drivers, according to Reuters. The allegations in the lawsuit involve Uber drivers who were fired after the company obtained unauthorized consumer background checks.

Uber did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

In April, Uber settled a pair of class-action lawsuits also brought by its drivers in an attempt to get themselves classified as employees and not independent contractors. Under that settlement, drivers remain contractors, but Uber agreed to pay as much as $100 million to the roughly 385,000 drivers involved in the lawsuits.