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UB networks the intranet

Even as its parent company searches for a suitable buyer, UB Networks introduces a Web-based set of management tools for intranets.

In a bid to expand its presence in networking, even as its parent company searches for a suitable buyer, UB Networks introduced a Web-based set of management tools tailored for intranets.

The NetDirector@Web group of applications includes the Web-based Empower Critical Node Monitor, due this month, which monitors all devices attached to UB's GeoLAN hubs.

Other applications include Empower Java-based applets that provide real-time management of UB's GeoLAN/500 switching hubs and are linked to a management homepage application. A NetDirector homepage offers a network directory with hyperlinks to specific devices.

The Critical Node Monitor and Empower Lava applets are bundled in an Empower Management Module for $7,995.

UB Networks also announced an agreement with Kaspia Systems to become the primary reseller of the Kaspia Monitoring System, a product released today.

This monitoring toolset includes network discovery and data collection features, a console that processes this data, and a report center that generates five reports on network health, all viewed via a Web browser.

The product can poll up to 160 network hosts and devices that contain Management Information Base (MIB)-based data. This network monitoring package integrates with UB's NetDirector@Web.

Hence, a network administrator can receive network reports from a variety of devices or network segments, both internal and external, using a Web browser. The administrator can also view traffic within UB hubs in real time using Java, a nifty feature for intranet administrators since real-time data collection can reduce network downtime.

The Kaspia Monitoring System is available now via the UB Networks suite, at prices starting at $5,000.

UB Networks parent company, Tandem Computers (TDM), recently announced it was attempting to sell its financially troubled subsidiary.