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U.S. workers take talent overseas

In response to the Jan. 10 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Time to revisit the H-1B ":

Totally accurate view--and I'll further submit that the "shortage" never really existed. But it's much more obvious now. I develop software and design enterprise systems. I am an American citizen. I have a job. I live in Paris because I couldn't find a decent job in the U.S. when my last company flamed out.

I'm lucky. Most of my friends and colleagues are out of work--some are doing menial labor jobs to keep going. The rest are rapidly depleting their savings after watching their stock investments go up in smoke. Not only should the H-1B quotas fall to previous levels, (imposing) a moratorium until unemployment in IT falls below 5 percent would not be out of line.

Otherwise, expect to see me and other highly skilled workers living in cheaper parts of the world like India--helping U.S. knowledge and know-how cross the border. Not a very wise long-term move.

Todd Blanchard
Paris, France