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U.S. markets mixed despite rally

Wall Street stocks are mixed in early trading with the Dow edging lower despite yesterday's late afternoon rally and Asian markets' overnight climb.

Wall Street stocks were mixed in early trading with the Dow Industrial Average edging lower this morning despite yesterday's late afternoon rally and the good news that the Asian markets had climbed higher overnight.

After rising as much as 53 points in early trading, the blue chip index lost its gains, shedding 36.05 points to close at 7,897.20. The technology-heavy Nasdaq was up 17.37 to end the day at 1,697.80.

Asian markets closed higher, relieved that U.S. markets closed higher yesterday despite President Bill Clinton's televised grand jury testimony. Japan's Nikkei average closed up 192.51 points or 1.42 percent at 13,789.81, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng gained 2.84 percent gain, surging 203.28 points to 7,373.51.